Monday, December 10, 2007

The Schoolhouse

When my husband and I selected a Bed-n-Breakfast - The National Trail Schoolhouse Inn (also known as the Brownsville Schoolhouse) as our wedding location, I did not expect it to change our lives in more than just a "this is where we started our life together" way.

Shocking - I know - but I made my own invitations, programs and just about everything else used in our wedding. The bridal coordinator at the Schoolhouse was so impressed with my work that she asked me to put together a few samples of things that she could share with her brides. I had spent so much time researching invitations at that point, that this "connection" she was forging was just the boost that I needed to start this business.

Stacy and I dedicated hours upon hours upon hours on developing samples, pricing and order forms for her. We put together books of wording and typestyle options. We drove two hours down to Brownsville, OH to deliver them in person. I had never been so proud of anything I had done in my life. My product was out there and she was going to sell it! Driving away from the Schoolhouse that day felt like a new beginning. Little did I know that it was really the end.

I never heard from that coordinator again. Every phone call and email I sent went unanswered. Everyone who knew of the situation urged me to drive down and pick up my portfolio. They all seemed to think that she was probably using my work as a model for her own benefit...but I refused to deal with the situation. It was easier for me to not know what happened than to ruin my memory of the Schoolhouse.

Fast Forward a couple of years to just a few months ago when I wanted to surprise my husband with a trip to the schoolhouse for our anniversary. Our business had grown so much that I didn't much care about that initial portfolio. When I tried to set up the reservation, I found out that the Schoolhouse was no longer accepting reservations because it was "for sale". I was shocked. I toyed with the idea of moving down there to run the schoolhouse and then I remembered that money does not grow on trees. I cried. For two days I cried. It was over....The very place that inspired the start of my marriage and my business no longer existed.

Today I got an email. It was titled " Invitations" :

Hi there. My name is Tanya and I am taking over the National Trail Schoolhouse Inn in Brownsville, OH. I ran across your scrapbook and box of samples the previous owner had. I would like to know if it is current pricing or old. I would love to update these and use them as part of our event coordination service if possible. If you could send a price list to me, I can compare it to what we have. There were no dates on anything, so I am unsure if they are new or old.

Looking forward to talking with you.

Tanya (last name omitted for blog)
Event Coordinator/Innkeeper

I feel as if everything has come full circle! Tanya and I talked tonight and I think she is going to be the best thing that has happened to that place to date (and not just because she wants to show our products)! Needless to say, Dave and I are finally able to go back down to spend the night and reminisce on Tuesday! I am so excited!!
I wish I had the ability to "make a long story short",

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

10 things we have learned over Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. We do not like people who wallpaper directly onto drywall
  2. Sanding said wallpaper off of the wall adds days onto your project
  3. Mineral Spirits help with getting spilled paint out of the carpet
  4. It's a major buzzkill when 91.3 The Summit changes formatting
  5. It would have been much easier just to paint around the thermostat
  6. It takes 8 minutes to get from the Studio to Home Depot
  7. Stacy never remembers to plug the fridge back in
  8. More purple would have been okay!
  9. The cute little pictures on the IKEA Boxes and in the directions do not in any way make up for the fact that hardware is NOT included
  10. "Well, we're going running!"