Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Schedule

Studio traffic has always been notoriously slow during the holidays. We had planned to be closed from Christmas Eve thru New Years Day as we had in the past. However, we seem to be booking a record number of weddings for next year and we have had a few people want to come in while they are home from school on break.

We'd like to accommodate as many people as possible - without sitting around the studio bored out of our minds in between visitors - so we are going to see how it goes to be open by appointment only. So - here is the revised holiday schedule as posted on our website.

December 24 - Closed
December 25 - Closed
December 26 - By appointment 10-4
December 27 - By appointment 10-6 (will probably be in most of the day)
December 28 - Closed
December 29 - By appointment 10-4
December 30 - By appointment 10-8
December 31 - Closed
January 1 - Closed
January 2 - Resume normal schedule

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment. We will be checking email and voicemail messages regularly so please leave us a message.

Happy Holidays - and enjoy the time you are able to spend with your loved ones!

Steph and Stacy

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adding custom touches to a catalog invitation...

Are you worried that you will end up in the following situation? - Settling for an invitation that falls just short of perfect? Don't be. At Paper Persuasions, even if you prefer catalog invitations because of budget or tradition, we can help add elements of design from our custom side of the business. We would never spend money on something we 'kinda like' and we don't think you should either! The following is a story about a real bride who worked with us to blend a basic catalog invitation with a touch of customization.

Anna and Chad are having a beach side ceremony and beautiful reception in North Carolina in April. By the time we met them, they had already carefully planned most of the details and seemed most excited about booking an extremely awesome photographer local to their ceremony. When Anna first came in to look at invitations, she knew that she wanted to incorporate various shades of green. Nothing was even close to perfect - but one style did stick with her enough to come back a few days later with her mom and take another look. She wasn't 'in love' with the invitation, but it was the best option she had found so she ordered it.

Since she wasn't 100% sold on the ensemble, Anna planned to search out paper for us to make custom envelope liners for her and after several sample orders from several different paper companies - she did. When she settled on the paper to use - we didn't settle for just envelope liners. We also added a small panel of paper with satin ribbon to the invitation. The end result was breathtaking!

4x9 Catalog Invitation
BEFORE - The entire invitation ensemble in alternating shades of green - as ordered.

4x9 Invite Semi-Custom Greens
AFTER - just the invitation and mailing envelope shown after adding custom touches.

These photos show how adding just a few simple touches can help achieve a unique custom look while sticking closer to the catalog pricepoint...and who doesn't love that?!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Custom Table Cards - with Pictures of Bride and Groom!

As I type this post - Lee and Mark are probably standing at the alter. And in a couple of hours, their guests are going to discover just how much time and detail was put into the reception accessories.

For the tables, Lee wanted to incorporate a photo of her and Mark. They have traveled extensivly and definitely have the photos to prove it! She decided that instead of the traditional "Table 1", "Table 2" , "Table 3" , etc. - she wanted to name each table after a place they had traveled or a tradition that they share and include a photo specific to the subject. Although it was alot of work on our end to lay out every single card, photo, title and description - Lee was super organized and sent us everything in a manner that made it as easy as possible. When we start our "Real Brides" monthly blog next month, you will be hearing more about them and just how much we enjoyed working with them. For now, here are a couple of pictures of how the table cards and place cards turned out.

Photo Table Cards / Table Names

Photo Table Cards / Table names

To tie everything into the place cards, Lee and Mark carefully selected a unique phrase suitable to the location or event to indicate which table each guest was seated at. For example, guests seated at the Central Park table found their names on a place card which said "Your destination is Central Park" while cards for guests seated at The Hong Kong Bar table said "join us for a drink at The Hong Kong".

Lee and Mark - Congrats! The sun is shining and it is far warmer than the 20 degree blustery winter day you expected. We can't wait to hear how everything turned out!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Custom Envelope Addressing

Reasons you might use to justify an expensive invitation purchase go something like this: "The invitation sets the tone for your event....", "The invitation is the first thing your guests see regarding your wedding..." blah blah blah. You get it. We get it.

But here's the thing - the invitation isn't your guests first glimpse into the wedding - the envelope is! So - it is important that you address your envelopes with care and style. Here are a couple of pictures from a recent holiday card mailing. By using the same motif and typestyle used on the holiday card, the envelope looks stunning. Yeah, these are my Christmas Cards - but we do this all the time for real clients too!

Computer Calligraphy Envelopes

Computer Calligraphy - Envelopes

Gorgeous envelopes are just another reason to go with custom design! Let us design and print your envelopes for you:

  • Address printed on back flap of invitation envelope - $.30
  • Address printed on RSVP envelope - $.30
  • Individual guest addresses printed on each invitation envelope - $1.00