Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Custom Envelope Addressing

Reasons you might use to justify an expensive invitation purchase go something like this: "The invitation sets the tone for your event....", "The invitation is the first thing your guests see regarding your wedding..." blah blah blah. You get it. We get it.

But here's the thing - the invitation isn't your guests first glimpse into the wedding - the envelope is! So - it is important that you address your envelopes with care and style. Here are a couple of pictures from a recent holiday card mailing. By using the same motif and typestyle used on the holiday card, the envelope looks stunning. Yeah, these are my Christmas Cards - but we do this all the time for real clients too!

Computer Calligraphy Envelopes

Computer Calligraphy - Envelopes

Gorgeous envelopes are just another reason to go with custom design! Let us design and print your envelopes for you:

  • Address printed on back flap of invitation envelope - $.30
  • Address printed on RSVP envelope - $.30
  • Individual guest addresses printed on each invitation envelope - $1.00

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