Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Schedule

Studio traffic has always been notoriously slow during the holidays. We had planned to be closed from Christmas Eve thru New Years Day as we had in the past. However, we seem to be booking a record number of weddings for next year and we have had a few people want to come in while they are home from school on break.

We'd like to accommodate as many people as possible - without sitting around the studio bored out of our minds in between visitors - so we are going to see how it goes to be open by appointment only. So - here is the revised holiday schedule as posted on our website.

December 24 - Closed
December 25 - Closed
December 26 - By appointment 10-4
December 27 - By appointment 10-6 (will probably be in most of the day)
December 28 - Closed
December 29 - By appointment 10-4
December 30 - By appointment 10-8
December 31 - Closed
January 1 - Closed
January 2 - Resume normal schedule

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment. We will be checking email and voicemail messages regularly so please leave us a message.

Happy Holidays - and enjoy the time you are able to spend with your loved ones!

Steph and Stacy

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