Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pardon the dust!

Its been nearly two years since we have expanded beyond the comfort of working from home. I had toyed with the idea of expanding for a while and when we started looking at available space in the Falls, every place we found was all wrong. The spaces were too small, too large, too expensive, short on parking, up three flights of stairs .....and the list goes on. Finally we discovered what would become our current location on Craig's List. Everything about it was perfect....except the decor. Our intent was to remodel right away....but business happened - lots of it.....and we could never find enough time to allow for the disruption. For almost two years, our clients have been welcomed by textured wall paper and paisley border in jewel tones. (thank you for not holding that against us!)

The time has finally come! We have carefully planned our production schedule to allow us to remodel the studio over Thanksgiving weekend. We are so excited!! We hope to have everything back in order by Sunday....but you never know what we might run into! If you are in the area and still see the lights on at 3 am, please feel free to stop by and bring us caffeinated beverages!

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