Friday, February 22, 2008

Check your Mailboxes

Our latest batch of promos went out on Wednesday. We hit over 200 brides with wedding dates between mid-July and August. We typically receive an overwhelming response since they are what one bride said- "the most beautiful piece of marketing mail I have ever received". We've been sending these out for the last year and a half or so.

In case you are wondering how we get your information, I will tell you. When you attend a Bridal Show, your information is shared with the vendors at that show. We do a few bridal shows a year so we obtain brides from all different walks of life. If you do not want your information to be shared with the vendors, then you need to indicate that when you register for the show. If you do not wish to receive further correspondence from us, then you need to let us know. It costs money to market - and believe me, we don't want to waste that money on you if you don't wish to be marketed to!

On Thursday, I had an upset bride-to-be leave me the nastiest voice mail I have ever received. In the 57 second message, she screamed and she cussed and it was all because she got one of our promos in the mail. It's quite hard for me to imagine that a piece of such beautiful mail inspired such rage - but it did. Her number came over on caller-id, so I did call her back. I just wanted to let her know that we don't buy her information (as she claimed ) and that really , we are the two nicest girls in the world and it was going to bother me the rest of the night that we upset her so badly.

I guess the point is this: If you got one of our promotional pieces and you are upset - I am sorry! I can't help but think there might be other brides out there who feel the same way this one did but that don't have the guts to speak out. Stacy and I can't stand the thought of bothering anybody. We are just two girls who are trying to find a balance with successful marketing. We don't buy your information, we don't sell your information, we just want to try to get the word out about the great services that we offer because every bride needs invitations in some form or another!

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2horseygirls said...

Good lord! People really will get upset over anything.

I'm sure your mailer was beautiful, and she overreacted.

By the way, I stumbled across your site in a wedding search for a friend of mine who is on her 3rd wedding (sorry, she already picked out her invites) but my SO and I keep getting pressure from everyone to get married (we've been together 5 years), so I bookmarked your site.

I am fairly handy and make my own cards, etc. but what I love about your site is all the very helpful advice and etiquette.

And I LOVE the font on your logo!

So even though I am in N IL, I may contact you if I can't rustle up something for us myself.

Please keep posting your beautiful work!