Monday, September 1, 2008

Road Kill

So...we haven't been so good at keeping up with the blogging. Since we signed the new lease back in July, our time has been divided between remodeling the Graham Rd. studio and keeping up with client orders at the Front St. studio. There is no point to this blog other than to share one of the funniest moments in our last few months.

We have put so much labor into getting our new space the way we imagine it....which of course includes trips to IKEA. If you have ever been in our studio, you know that we display our custom work on stainless steel magnetic boards. The six boards that we have at Front St. are no match for the huge increase in display area at Graham we need to increase our display boards by ALOT.

So...we head up to IKEA. We planned to take my husbands truck, but something was wrong with the brakes and I didn't feel safe driving it. (It turns out that the ABS sensors had some rust on them which was tricking the truck into thinking that the ABS needed to kick in - which caused a sensation much like brakes were going out?! Pretty scary feeling.) So...we take Stacy's super gas-efficient Yaris. Huge difference in cargo room....but we figure 'it's IKEA, we can fit alot'.

First thing on the agenda - pick up the magnetic boards so we know how much room is left. We bickered as to how many we needed - I said 50 , she said 30. We find the magnetic boards and determine that IKEA has 41 of them in stock. The bickering was over - #41 is my favorite DMB song, so 41 it is! We proceed to purchase the boards and load up Stacy's trunk. We managed to squeeze all 41 of them into the truck which leaves the entire back seat for more stuff! Yay! Time to shop some more.

We pick up a few other odds and ends which comfortably fit in the back seat and we head home. All in all we were in IKEA for a mere 3.5 hours - pretty remarkable for us! We are on our way back and hear a shuffling in the trunk. All of a sudden Stacy calmly says "Um, my trunk just flew open and boards are flying out the back". I (not-so-calmly) exclaim "Pull over!Pull over". She does. We get out and see the highway behind us scattered with magnetic boards. Can we save them? I think I begin running down the side of the highway and dodging oncoming traffic to try to pick them up. All in all, we only lost 4 of them...and only one actually got run over. I managed to pick them all up but they were too badly scratched to be salvaged.

Most people would be angry I suppose, but Stacy and I laughed. Hard. In fact, we laughed harder at this mishap than we have laughed in a long long time. Perhaps the stress of our 'moving' situation in general made this seem like a joke...but I have a feeling it was more the image of me running down the highway collecting boards.

***Before and After Pics Coming Soon!***

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