Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catalog Invitation Pick of the Week

(Each week I choose a catalog invitation that is on my list of favorites and share it with you!)

My Pick of the Week: Tealength Flat Panel featuring a Peacock design

So...I was planning on blogging about a different invitation when the UPS driver unexpectedly delivered a package from Carlson Craft (one of our fine catalog vendors). I immediately opened up the package, and discovered six new incredible designs for the Exclusive II Catalog! When I got to this particular invitation, I literally jumped up and down. Stephanie was out running errands, but I HAD to call her and let her know. And I immediately knew this is what I would be blogging about. Here it is...

Isn't it gorgeous?!? The peacock is a symbol of beauty and sophistication, and we've been seeing it more and more in the wedding themes lately. I love this peacock theme because it is simple, not overdone, and it's incorporated into each piece of the ensemble in different ways.

Now I can't just leave it at that. This catalog works very differently than most catalogs, so I feel the need to share with you ALL the wonderful things it has to offer. First, each piece is printed using a newer method of printing that allows you to change all the colors you see above. Each piece begins with either a white or ecru base, then you choose any two ink colors you want for the design. So if you like the peacocks, but your colors are orange and green, you can change everything you see above to orange and green, with a white or an ecru base. Second, each design offers the following coordinating accessories: Save the Dates, Envelope Liners, Envelope Icing with Guest Addressing available, Ceremony Programs, Table Numbers, Personalized Place Cards, Menus, Favor Tags, and Personalized Seals! Third, with the new designs came updated pricing - with LOWER prices! Here is a sampling of the different designs and colors available...

Choose from the following customizations:
27 colors of ink
14 colors of envelopes
28 lettering styles
27 Designs

Catalog: Exclusive II by Carlson Craft
Price Point:
75 ensembles: $4.32 standard / $4.46 tealength
100 ensembles: $3.52 standard / $3.64 tealength
150 ensembles: $3.22 standard / $3.32 tealength
200 ensembles: $3.09 standard / $3.19 tealength
(Approximate price per ensemble INCLUDING proofing, shipping, and tax)

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