Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catalog Invitation Pick of the Week

(Each week I choose a catalog invitation that is on my list of favorites and share it with you!)

My Pick of the Week: Tri-Fold Invitation with Respond Postcard by Diamond

These cute little invitations are a great mix between casual seal n' sends and elegant flat panels. The invitation is presented folded and tied with a ribbon. When opened, it reveals a beautiful scroll pattern carried throughout the invitation panel, the reception panel, and the attached respond postcard. This invitation has great style and won't break the bank! And since it uses a respond postcard instead of the traditional card and envelope, it requires less postage and uses less paper!

Choose from the following customizations:
11 colors of ribbon
18 colors of ink
20 lettering styles

Catalog: Diamond Collection by NuArt
Price Point:
75 ensembles: $2.50
100 ensembles: $1.95
150 ensembles: $1.80
200 ensembles: $1.71
(Approximate price per ensemble INCLUDING proofing, shipping, and tax)

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