Friday, April 17, 2009

Bi-Weekly Recap 4/5-4/18/09

Hi there! These last two weeks have been insane around here. Now that the weather is breaking, we seem to be meeting an increase of brides who are in panic mode as their invitations have not yet been ordered for June/July weddings. We experienced the busiest days EVER on Easter Weekend. Thanks to everyone who came in and who were patient as Stacy and I worked the crowds! And please be patient if you are planning to stop in between the 23rd and 28th. Stacy will be on vacation and those days are treated as 'walk-in' only days. I won't be taking appointments because there is no guarantee that I won't be pulled in three other directions at any given moment.... and we like to give our appointments our undivided attention!

Here are some pictures of things we have been working on:

Catalog Invitation: Save the Date
This Save the Date card was actually meant to be used as an invitation but the bride got creative! Instead of the B&G names being printed within the 'window' they had their wedding date. The card slides out via ribbon to reveal the preliminary information about their wedding day. Great idea!

Catalog Invitation: Black and White Pocketfold
We've had this one on the blog before. It's a pocket from the Blue Album and it comes in at a GREAT price. You can drastically change the look of this invite by simply changing the ink color.

Catalog Invitation: Cala Lily Seal-n-Send
One of the downfalls of a Seal-n-Send invitation is having to write the address on the backside of the invitation. If you are having an adult only reception, or want to be very specific with who is invited, it can be difficult to do with just one writing surface. Many Seal-n-Sends fit perfectly into Envelopments envelopes (available in over 70 colors)...and this one was printed in ginger ink and placed in a sunstone envelope. Since the return address was no longer needed on the back flap of the Seal-n-Send, the bride replaced it with a quote from their first dance song.

Catalog Invitation: Save the Date - Fall leaves

Catalog Invitation: Peacock Blue Pocketfold
This was another catalog invitation that we added custom touches to. The bride was looking for a specific shade of blue...but rather than facing the expense of custom design, she wanted to stick with a catalog option. We searched high and low and couldn't find the right shade of blue so we ordered the catalog invitation without the middle layer (Carlson Craft gave us a nice discount) then we ordered in cardstock from Envelopments and cut it to the right size. Although it ended up being a slightly higher cost than straight catalog, it was well worth it to get the right color!

Custom Invitation: Chocolate Brown, Blue and Red Pocketfold
This is a pocketfold that we designed for a bride - and even made matching envelope seals which have their return address printed on them! This is actually for a DIY project - we did the printing and they will be doing all the cutting and assembly. We loved the design so much, we wanted to make one for ourselves...and of course we wanted to show off the custom seal...we are excited to be offering these now!

Custom Wedding Invitation: Pink, Silver and White Pocketfold
This bride and groom and her mom have been absolutely wonderful to work with. I am so happy that we are doing all of their accessories too so that we don't have to say goodbye just yet. We have been working on finalizing their invitation order...and we finally got their custom postage stamps in from Zazzle so I was able to take a shot of the ensemble. The custom monogram (actually designed by the groom!!!) was used on the front flap of their pocketfold, on the envelope seal and on the custom postage stamps. This order is a true piece of art!

Custom Wedding Invitation: Pyrite, Persimmon, White Shimmer
Again - another bride that I'll be sad to say goodbye to! We are also doing custom accessories for this order...and Contessa Polina has made cookies to match the front tag of the invite. You will definitely be seeing more of this design on the blog soon!

Custom Accessories: Ecru Shimmer, Pyrite and Starfish theme
As I type this the bride and groom are probably sitting in the airport waiting for their flight to Jamaica! We made custom invitations for them a few months back and these accessories carried the starfish theme through to the reception. From top to bottom: Menus, Table Cards (with island names), Escort Cards (with envelopes!), Stick-on tags for the favor boxes & Welcome tags for the guests gift bags, and finally Ceremony Programs. Can't wait to see the photos...and to work on their custom thank you cards! Congrats you two!

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