Monday, April 20, 2009

New Wedding Stamps

So we were at the post office today and *finally* got to see the offical catalog of new stamps reflective of the May 11, 2009 increase. I have to say, I am slightly disappointed with the 'gold rings' wedding stamp - but I guess it beats a big ole Liberty Bell. My personal favorites are the Simpson's stamps....and the King and Queen of hearts stamps. Oh - and as per the usual - they are relasing a nice $.44 flag stamp (not pictured).

Seriously! I'm in love with these stamps.

But more in love with these!! This image is of poor quality - but these totally rock. The king and queen are each their own $.44 stamp. I think these will work great for people with 'in between' postage quotes of $.79 - $.84. How cute would it be to use one of each to total $.84 rather than using the $.79 mountain stamp?

These are the new wedding combination stamps. Use the $.44 for your reply envelopes (the rings) and the $.61 for the ensemble (the cake) if it weighs in at over 1 oz.

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Wedding Postage said...

Good point on making sure people weigh the invitations to get the right postage rate. Many brides don't realize that the invitations will be havier than standard envelopes and require more postage.