Monday, April 20, 2009

Etiquette Question of the Week 4/20/09

Q:I am working on my guest list and I have 120 addresses total. How many extra invitations should I order?

A: Well, that depends. How firm is your list? And are you ordering Custom invitations or Catalog invitations?

If you are ordering Catalog invitations, you can only order them in quantities of 25. Since you have 120 addresses already, only ordering 125 invitations may be cutting it too I would suggest ordering 150. That should give you plenty of extras. If you are worried about making mistakes on the envelopes - do not order extra ensembles - just request 25 extra envelopes. The cost is MINIMAL compared to ordering 25 extra sets.

If you are ordering Custom invitations, you can order them in any quantity you need. If your list is firm at 120, then 135 should take care of any last minute guest additions and keepsakes. Same rules apply for extra envelopes - if you are worried about making mistakes when addressing them, simply order additional envelopes.

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