Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Etiquette Question of the Week 4/13/2009

Q: I didn't order my invitations through you (wished I would have, long story) but I am wondering if you could tell me if I should be ordering invitation tissues to go with my invitations? The place I did order them from said that they aren't used any more and they can't get them for me but my mom is pretty upset that they were not included in the order. I'm just wondering if it is proper etiquette to include them? Thanks, Anne (from Cleveland)

A: Hi Anne! All of the catalog companies that we represent have discontinued including tissues in their orders - however, they are available by request. Tissues were used to help keep the printed portion of the invitations from smearing - but due to modern printing methods, the tissue is no longer needed for this purpose so most people were not using them. It is not considered improper etiquette to not include them but if you still want to use them for your invitations, let me know the finished size of your invitation panel and I'll be happy to get some for you.

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