Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catalog Invitation Pick of the Week

(Each week I pick one of my favorites and share it with you!)

This week's pick: Mix n' Match 5x7 Pocketfold Invitation

I know we've been talking a lot about pocketfolds lately, but when something's hot it's HOT! The choices keep getting updated and the deals keep getting better, so we have to keep sharing it with you.

This pocketfold ensemble has just been updated with lots of new colors, including shimmer stocks. You get to mix n' match every piece of the ensemble - so I'm gonna go step-by-step through the process and at the end of this blog, you'll see the finished product!

STEP 1: Choose your pocket color from 4 choices. For the finished sample I used Brown.

STEP 2: Choose your color layer for invitation panel and front tab panel from 15 choices. For the finished sample I used Olive.

STEP 3: Choose your printed layer color from White or Ecru. For the finished sample I used White.

STEP 4: Choose your layout/design for the invitation panel and inserts from 8 choices. For the finished sample I used Layout 4.

STEP 5: Choose your ink color(s) from 15 choices. For the finished sample I used Chocolate and Kiwi.

STEP 6: Choose your font(s) from 22 choices. For the finished sample I used PAR and CZR.

Here's the finished product:

Isn't that a great looking pocketfold invitation? We have a kit in the studio of all the colors available, so come in and see us!

Catalog: Pockets by Carlson Craft
Price Points:
75 Ensembles: $6.36
100 Ensembles: $5.19
150 Ensembles: $4.75
200 Ensembles: $4.59
(Approximate price per ensemble INCLUDING proofing, shipping, and tax)
Ensembles include invitation, response card with printed envelope, reception card, tag on front with guest names printed, color ink, and return address printed on mailing envelope.

Paper Persuasions is proud to support Domestic Violence Project, Inc of Stark County. Help us help them! Donate 5 different items from their list of needs and receive an additional 5% off your catalog invitation order!

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