Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Plantable Invitation Project

At the urging of Brooke we decided to put our seed impregnated papers to the test. For those of you who have't heard, seed impregnated papers are made with wildflower seeds so that when you are through with the notecard, invitation, favor box etc., you simply plant the paper in shallow soil and wildflowers will grow. With so many brides 'going green' plantable invitations are a great alternative or addition to other recycled papers. We also offer plantable favor boxes, notecards, gift bags and inkjet printable paper. Coordinating guestbooks made out of 100% recycled material and pressed to match the plantable papers (minus the seeds) are also available.

Two weeks ago Stacy and I planted some pieces of each of the items we carry. We tore the Paper, notecard and bag into smaller pieces before planting. The favor box instructed us to plant the entire thing.

We planted everything in this lovely window box that we bought at Lowes. We really wanted a plant stand to go in front of the big window, but their selection of garden stuff was just being unloaded and sorted so we couldn't access the goods.
Our first sprouts came after about 5 days and they came from the Notecard. A few days later we got a similar sprout from the printable paper and a HUGE different sprout from the gift bag. We still haven't seen anything from the favor box yet - but I suspect we will soon! ( I have been poking around in the dirt and the paper is just about broken down so the seeds are freeing up. ) At the two week mark we have a total of 22 sprouts in all!

So there you have it....invitations that grow when planted! They really work! We'll blog in a couple more weeks with updates on the growths.

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